Saloma Villagestay is Authentic Borneo

Read the testimonial from our guests Nic & Cam two sisters who give semi-budget travel tips and tricks on their blog Nic & Cam” When we were planning our trip to southeast Asia, we were definitely focused on maintaining semi-budget travel status. The way we do semi-budget travel, though, is to leave room for a splurge here and there. And when we’re considering what that “here and there” might be, top on our list is looking for unique, authentic, local experiences. A large part of our trip would be visiting our friends in Kuching, Malaysia, which is on the island of Borneo. We already had one major authentic Borneo experience on our itinerary…Gawai! Then, when we discovered Saloma Villagestay, we knew we had found another authentic Borneo adventure. Saloma Villagestay offers multi-day tours, where you will actually lodge at Saloma’s house. Since we had a hotel in town, we opted for the daytrip. We still got to experience Saloma’s hospitality in her home, even though we were just there for the day.”

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